4th November 2014 – #ot24vx14 (no #OTalk Journal Club)

There is no scheduled #OTalk chat this week. The OT 24 Hour Virtual Exchange (#ot24vx14) will be running from 8pm GMT on Monday 3rd November until 8pm on Tuesday.

The Virtual Exchange is a free online occupational therapy conference, and this year it’s running in collaboration with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. This year’s theme is ‘A World of Health and Wellbeing’.

Things you can do to get ready for the OT24Vx 2014

1. Follow link for orientation to Webinar system Blackboard Collaborate. http://tinyurl.com/3m8n9zz

This link to the Blackboard Collaborate support portal is especially useful for first-time users. http://tinyurl.com/3gotox5

2. Visit the Participants Practice Room” to check that your computer system is working and maybe even meet an international colleague! When you go to this link – follow the prompts to download and launch Blackboard Collaborate. http://tinyurl.com/OT24Vxparticipantroom

You may like to check out some previous #OTalk transcripts that link to themes in some of this year’s presentations:

  • The dark side of occupation‘ #occhat (13/03/12) in preparation for Rebecca Twinley’s presentation at 8pm GMT ‘Everyone is a moon: the dark side of occupation’ (session 3)
  • Occupational therapy and the fire service‘ (19/08/14) #OTalk in preparation for David Marsden’s presentation at 8am GMT ‘Using MOHO to improve fire safety’ (session 14)
  • End of life care‘ #OTalk (24/09/14) in preparation for Joanna Beveridge’s presentation at 4pm GMT ‘Occupational therapy and health promoting palliative care’ (session 21)
  • Sleep as an occupation‘ #occhat (27/03/12) and ‘Restorative occupations‘ #occhat (31/07/12) in preparation for Sophie Faulker’s presentation at 5pm GMT ‘Sleep and occupational therapy’ (session 22)

See you next week, when we’ll be chatting about equipment training for mental health occupational therapists.

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