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#OTalk 21st Oct 2014 – Peer Audit

Peer Audit

Date:  21/10/2014  Host: @JoyceInYork

Blog Post  –  Transcript 

Keep calm and Peer Audit with #OTalk Tuesday 21st October 2014 8pm

With Joyce Latimer (@JoyceInYork) and Maureen Horsley (Senior Occupational Therapists) at The Retreat Hospital, Mental Healthcare providers in York. (@TheRetreatYork) The Peer Audit Tool has been developed by the Occupational Therapists at The Retreat Hospital in York over a number of years. The paperwork has been evaluated for ease of use by presenter of the case study and those reviewing. The tool can be used to reflect on an individual case or intervention group. The Peer Audit Tool has been presented as a poster at the COT Glasgow conference 2013 and then as a workshop in the COT Brighton conference 2014.

Please have a look at the documentation available free online at The Retreats website

Pages for the individual documents are –

Protocol and guidelines

Reviewers documents

Reviewees documents

We look forward to your discussions on the 21st October

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To read the transcript of the chat, follow this link or download the PDF.

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