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#OTalk 22nd July 2014 – HIV and Occupational Therapy

OTs working with people with HIV

Date:  22/07/2014  Host: @RehabHIV

Blog Post  –  Transcript 

This week’s #OTalk will be hosted by Esther McDonnell (@RehabHIV), HIV specialist OT with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and chair of the Rehabilitation in HIV Association (RHIVA). I (Clarissa) attended her facilitated poster session at the College of Occupational Therapists (COT) conference this year, and it was the first time I had heard of OTs working specifically with HIV. I thought it would be an interesting topic for our OTalk community to explore, so I’m very glad that Esther agreed to host this chat. We decided to hold the chat this week to coincide with the AIDS 2014 conference, and as we prepare to host, we are very aware of the tragedy of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash (thank you to Kirsty for the link).

As usual, the chat will be held at 8pm BST (click the link to convert to your local time) using the ‘#OTalk’ hashtag on Twitter. If you’re new to tweetchats, check out this guide by our AnzOTalk colleagues.

Click here to read Esther’s pre-chat blog post on Scribd. If you prefer, you can download the document in PDF form here.

Esther has kindly agreed to share her COT 2014 poster with us, and you can view it here.

UPDATE: The transcript for this week’s #OTalk is now available at this link, or you can download it as a PDF. You can also create your own chat transcript.

A CPD template is available for documenting your engagement with the chat.

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