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Ask an OT – #OTalk 29th April 2014 using #MDTchat

Ask an OT using #MDTChat

Date:  24/04/2014  Host: @OTalk_

Blog Post  –  Transcript

During the very successful inaugural #MDTchat it became apparent that as health and social care professionals we don’t always fully understand each other’s roles.

Although we may have interprofessional education as students and work together with certain clients often I think what we do is judged on what people see us doing. This doesn’t always present the full picture; the clinical reasoning behind the doing; the theory behind the practice.

So, I made the suggestion of hosting a series of #MDTchats called Ask a/an…. where we each get to ask other professions the questions we’ve always wanted to know the answer to… I offered that the OTs would go first.

We welcome questions from any health or social care professional, service user groups or the general public. During the chat we will not be able to offer specific advice but are happy to answer the general questions about occupational therapy that you might have, e.g.

  • Why the basket weaving reference?
  • What do you look for when you get someone to make a cup of tea?
  • What does occupation mean?
  • What does x abbreviation really mean?

and so on.

Obviously it is best to ask the colleagues you work with more specific questions – they might be very happy to get the chance to talk about it.

The chat will take place on 29th April 2014 at 8-9pm BST.

Updated 5th May – form for questions for me to tweet in the chat removed.

Transcript link and PDF added.

Do feel free to add further questions or comments below.


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