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#OTalk Journal (Media) Club – 6th May 2014

Journal [Media] Club

Date:   06/05/2014  Host: @bronteot

Blog Post  –  Transcript


The transcript of this chat is now available at this link. (Click here for a PDF version)


The next journal club will be on the 6th of May at 8pm BST (click this link to check your local time), and will be hosted by Rachel Russel (@bronteot). The article is:

Aplin, T., et al. (2013) “Understanding the dimensions of home that impact on home modification decision making.” Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 60(2), pp. 101-109. DOI: 10.1111/1440-1630.12022

Blog post from Rachel :

“What I do is just bread and butter OT.”  This is a phrase that I have heard numerous community OTs, including myself, use when describing their role in the field of home modifications (in the UK we tend to use the term ‘equipment and adaptations’ instead of home modifications).  Sadly, it is only since starting my own research journey that I have become to appreciate the complexity of what we do as OTs when modifying a person’s home environments.  Therefore, I want to use this article to explore this complexity.

Before reading this article, I want you to sit for 5 minutes and have a look around one of the rooms in your home.  Look at the furniture, ornaments, and the other everyday items around you.  What do those things mean do you?  How do those bits and pieces express who you are?  Finally, how do those items support your occupational performance?  Now read the article…

I hope that the article brought out many of the points you considered when looking around your own home.  It made me think about how invasiveness the process of having one’s home modified must be, particularly if the OT is not sensitive to the ‘personal’ dimensions of home.  It also helped me to understand the influence I have in improving someone’s level of occupational performance through the recommendations I make.  Moreover, it made me realise and appreciate the complexity of what occupational therapists do in this field of practice.

For the journal club I want to explore three key questions:

1. Although you may not be involved in this area of practice, what did you learn from the article that could influence your practice?

2. As OTs who could we lobby to improve the design of home modifications?

3. How do the political and economic conditions of where you practice influence the occupational performance outcomes for the people you work with?


Please note that the article chosen is not open source. Please be aware of copyright law.

Details and download of the Reading Record can be found on the Journal (Media) Club Resources page.

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