Parkinson’s: in control #MDTchat Weds 9th April 8pm (BST)

Rather than double up on blog posts I thought I’d reblog the post the fabulous Naomi at #physiotalk organised. This is about our joint #MDTchat along with WeNurses for Parkinson’s Awareness Week. #OTalk is moving from Tues 8th to Wed 9th April to facilitate this. Hope you can join us.


We are very excited to be holding our first #MDTchat on Wednesday 9th April 8-9pm (BST), a collaboration between @wenurses, @otalk_occhat, @physiotalk and @sumesuk from @ParkinsonsUk for Parkinsons’s Awareness Week  ‘In Control’ (7th – 13th April 2014).

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3 thoughts on “Parkinson’s: in control #MDTchat Weds 9th April 8pm (BST)”

  1. Hi there, 

    Unfortunately I missed this OCChat last night, but will the transcript be made available via PDF?

    Many thanks, 



    1. Hi Amy

      The transcript is already available on the link to the physiotalk blog. You can make your own PDF of the #MDTchat from the healthcare hashtags website.

      Hope that helps



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