#OTalk 4th February 2014 – All Change…


Unfortunately the Journal Club topic for February has had to be postponed until 2nd September.

As regular OTalkers will know Dai Davies’s (@Dai2584) hosted a chat on The Power of Ideas in January.

Throughout the month of January we have been compiling our ResOTlutions for 2014.

This week also sees The ‘Time to Change‘ campaign hold ‘Time to Talk‘ and the ‘NHS Change Day’ campaign launch the ‘School for Healthcare Radicals‘.

So we are asking for one last ReOTlution and exploring the role that Occupational Therapists can take with any or all of the above ideas. Please also feel free to bring any of your own ideas to the chat.

Post Chat Updates…

Thank you to the 35 people who joined the chat for generating 203 tweets…. this had the potential to make 320,604 impressions on the twitterverse.

The transcript from the chat can be found online here from Healthcare Hashtags or you can access a PDF of the chat #OTalk 4 Feb 2014 – Healthcare Social Media Transcript.



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