#OTalk – Nov 19th 2013 – Dementia – What’s the Evidence?

Dementia – What’s the Evidence

Date:  19/11/2013  Host: @elaineahpmh

Blog Post  –  Transcript 

Here at #OTalk we are very happy this week to welcome Elaine Hunter back this time to talk about Dementia.

Elaine has written a blog post – #OTalk Meets #OTDementia – to introduce the topic. Please do read it and we will see you on Tuesday between 8-9.


With quite a few tweets from the chat – I thought I’d perhaps not copy and paste them in here.

Instead you can link to the Healthcare hashtags archive here  – it runs to two of their pages – PDF of Page 1 and PDF of Page 2.

Do add any further comments or reflections you had on the talk below.

Thanks to Elaine for another successful chat.


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