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#OTalk 29th October 2013 – Preparing for OT Interviews (includes Transcript)

Preparing for OT Interviews 

Date:   29/10/2013  Host: @OTtwehy

Blog Post  –  Transcript –  Storify  –  Post Chat Summary

Vicki @OTtwehy, a final year OT Student will be hosting the #otalk on 29th October 2013 on preparing for OT interviews. She will be sharing some hints and tips she has learnt and hoping you share yours too.

She has written this blog post on An Occupational Therapy Student’s Perspective to introduce the topic.

So if you are a student preparing for interview, a graduate who has recently been interviewed, a practitioner who remembers their interview or an interviewer please do come along and chat with us.

Updated to Include Transcript

This was a busy chat so instead of copying the tweets below you can find them all uploaded onto this handy PDF.

Thanks also to @emilybodez who has completed a storify of her summary of the chat which you can find here.

A few useful resources highlighted during the chat were:

A blog post by @BoothRach

A slide share by @VirtualOT

A blog post by our very own @clissa89


Do feel free to share links to any further reflections below.

Thanks Vicki for a busy and engaging chat.

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