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#OTalk Tuesday 1 October 2013 – “HCPC, CPD and Registration

HCPC Audit – Special OTalk

Date:  01/10/2013  Host: @The_HCPC

Blog Post  –  Transcript  –   Post Chat Summary

This week’s #OTalk will be hosted by @The_HCPC, the regulatory body for OTs chatting to you about Continuing Professional Development (CPD), what is expected from you and your registration.

Occupational therapists (OTs) have until 31 October 2013 to renew their registration with the Health and Care Professions Council. So far 22433 OTs have renewed, which is 65% of the profession.98% of those who have renewed, renewed using the online HCPC system.

As part of the renewal process we randomly select 2.5% of the profession for CPD audit. Those who have been selected for audit will have already been notified.  During this chat we would like to provide you with some helpful tips on how to document your CPD, what examples of CPD you can submit in your audit profile and look more closely at our standards. Below are some questions we would like to ask participants during the hour long chat. We hope these will provide a starting point for an interesting discussion, where we openly consider each other’s experiences and talk about statutory expectations;

>how do you renew your registration?
>do you use the online renewal system?
>what do you find are the challenges in renewing?
>has anyone been selected for audit?
>do you understand the process?
>would you like some examples of CPD activities?
>do you find the CPD videos a useful tool?
>do you keep a diary of your CPD activities as you go along?
>any question you have for the HCPC?

We invite Occupational Therapists and OT students to join us at 7pm BST to discuss experiences of being selected for audit, the HCPC’s audit process, CPD and our registration process. 

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