Transcript: #OTalk “When Occupational Therapy Goes Wrong” (17 September 2013)

This week’s #OTalk, hosted by @pd2ot, provided a space to reflect on and learn from experiences of occupational therapy “going wrong”. I (@clissa89) found this conversation valuable and thought-provoking. Below are a selection of tweets from the chat. The full transcript can be read here: (link/PDF).



We discussed the lasting impact that poor practice can have:

Examples of “Occupational Therapy Gone Wrong”:

Getting it “Right”:


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion:









  1. Reblogged this on pd2ot and commented:
    Here is the transcript and summary of last night’s #OTalk on ‘When Occupational Therapy Goes Wrong’. Big thanks to @clissa89 for collating the tweets so efficiently and to everyone involved in the chat – it was such a valuable discussion.

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