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#OTalk/#occhat Tues 27th Aug 2013 – What is Evidence?

What is Evidence? 

Date:  27/08/2013   Host: @Dai2584

Blog Post  –  Transcript –  Post Chat Summary

In the recent #occhat Tea Party @Dai2584 (David Davies) suggested that we start looking at what we actually do and posed the question is OT evidence based.

Tonight’s chat will be starting to explore this by firstly exploring and debating the question – What is Evidence?

How do we know what do to with clients?

What evidence do or can we trust?

Is some evidence better than others?

I’m sure you’ve all considered this before so I’m not going to share any resources or offer any suggestions here but during the chat feel free to share links to useful resources.

Look forward to debating with you tonight.


(Just to let you know even though tonight is an #occhat week we will be using the #otalk hashtag – more on that later)



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