Transformational leadership #OTalk 28/5/13: Background and reading

Transformational Leadership

Date:   28/05/2013  Host: @elaineahpmh

Blog Post  –  Transcript –   Post Chat Summary

Elaine Hunter (@ElaineAMPH) has written a great blog explaining the background to her preparation before delivering this year’s Casson keynote lecture at Conference in Glasgow (#COT13)

Tonight, we are happy to be involving our #OTalk community in reflecting on the themes of her keynote. She will be asking the participants of #Otalk:

  • what does “good leadership” in occupational therapy look like?

  • how do we build leadership (confidence) capacity and capability in occupational therapy?

  • what can social media offer leaders in occupational therapy?

Perhaps you might like to join us in reflection about our own leadership behaviours, whatever our job role involves.

  • What does our work culture have to provide to facilitate our leadership development?
  • Is there a common experience of OT leadership across sectors?
  • Are OTs too “nice” to be effective leaders?
  • How can social media help us to develop leadership behaviours?

Remember: you’re a role model and digital leader in the OT profession already, because you are reading this online!

See you there at 8-9pm GMT, using the #OTalk tag.

You can continue to add contributions by using the tag for 24 hours after the chat.

Background reading and resources:

Digital leadership

ClaireOT: How to Twitter

Mark Newbold: Why do I use social media? his blog for #NHSEngage.

Monmouthshire County Council: Social Media Guidelines

Rob WebsterWhat’s so funny about peace, love, and social media? writes for #NHSEngage about how to change behaviours to explore the uses of social media, using a compelling story, supportive structures, skill development and role modelling, .

Anne CooperDigital professionalism and gifts: exploring her use of role models to help her become expert in using social media

Patient-centred Leadership

The King’s Fund: Patient-centred leadership: rediscovering our purpose also hosted a great chat on the #KFLead tag.

Leadership resources

NHS LeadershipNHS Leadership Academy website, with information about leadership development courses for any health professionals at any stage of their NHS careers.

Trevor Gay: Leadership and Management: chalk and cheese? Are good leaders automatically good managers? And vice versa?


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