#OTalk – 14th May – Mentor-Mentee Relationships

Our #OTalk on 14th May will be hosted by Bill Wong on Mentor-Mentee Relationships (Thanks Bill)

Each of us have personal experiences as mentees during our journeys to become OT practitioners, and continue to do so whenever we enter practice settings/or encounter experiences that we may be inexperienced in as occupational therapists.  However, we also must realize that we have something to give back to the OT community, even if some of us are “just students”.  Mentoring others (including peers) can be a satisfying and fulfilling experience for both the mentor and mentee.  Moreover, mentoring others is a great way to help the OT profession grow.  In order for the mentor-mentee relationship to achieve the maximum benefit for both parties, the mentee also has to contribute something to the mentor-mentee relationship.  This OTalk will explore the following:

1. Discuss why mentoring is important in OT.

2. Identify the qualities of a good mentor.

3. Identify the qualities of a good mentee.

4. Share experiences and tips of mentoring (in real life/online)

Here are a couple of resources that you may find helpful – please share any others in the comments below or in Twitter during the chat. Thanks



To check what time this happens near you see here.

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