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#Occhat – Boredom (7th May 2013)


Date: 07/05/2013  Host: @geekyOT

Blog Post  –  Transcript  –   Post Chat Summary

What is boredom and what causes it?

(How) can boredom be overcome?

Is boredom an issue that occupational therapists should address?


You guessed it: the topic for this week’s #occhat is Boredom – join us on Tuesday 7th May at 8pm BST (click link for your local time). We want to hear from you if you’ve ever experienced boredom (or even if you haven’t).

If this is your first Twitter chat, you may find this guide to tweetchats useful.

In preparation for the chat, you may wish to reflect on your own experience of boredom (whether personally or professionally) and any strategies you have used to address it.

I (@clissa89) have written a blog post  based on an interesting article I read in a recent issue of the Journal of Occupational Science. You may also want to revisit our #occhat about mindfulness and occupation.

Finally, check out our #OTalk/#Occhat and Your CPD page for a suggestion of how to document your preparation for/participation in the chat as evidence of continuing professional development.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

2 thoughts on “#Occhat – Boredom (7th May 2013)”

  1. Hi there,

    Unfortunately i couldn’t make the occchat 😦 however, brock has asked me my views on boredom. To my surprise, for my pre reflection most of my thoughts were to similar to Clarissa. Thinking for myself with ADHD such thoughts sprung to mind. Under stimulation over stimulation. Unchallenging tasks or even over challenging impacting self-efficacy of carrying out the task. Uninteresting? or actually is it my life span development of societal expectations of situations/ environments/ occupations impacting my boredom vision? Am i actually bored? or i like to think am i not recognizing what is right in front of me is stimulating and interesting. Am I just constantly looking for something more as most in the western culture? I have also reckoned this with wisdom growing up and realizing the grass isn’t always greener and just being in that movement non judgmentally. But this might just be my recent adoption of mindfulness?

    Love to hear your replies,

    Many thanks

    Michelle @symbolic_life


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