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#occhat 23rd April 2013 – World Book Night – Reading as an Occupation

World Book Night 2013 – Reading as an Occupation

Date: 23/04/2013  Host: Community Led

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Well tonight is unprecedented – all of the #OTalk/#occhat crew are busy elsewhere so dear colleagues we are relying on you to keep the chat going.

Inspired by my (Kirsty) alternative evening plans tonight’s #occhat will be about Reading as an occupation.

Today is World Book Night where a team of volunteers (including myself) are giving out free books to non or light readers.

This is the third year I’ve taken part and this year I’ve decided to give out my books closer to home, to OT students in fact. I will be giving out Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses in the hopes that the students can give themselves permission to take time out and immerse themselves in a book for pleasure.

I have recently become more serious about reading and it has made me wonder why I ever let it slip from my priorities. But I know that not everyone is a fan of reading so this is where tonight’s chat comes in.

Some questions to guide your discussion:

Are you a reader? Why? Why Not?

What do ‘get’ from reading?

When do you read?

Do you have a special reading place?

Does the form reading take change its meaning for you? e.g. reading for work, reading poetry, newspapers, reading a ‘book’ versus an e-book?

What do you read? Do other people’s opinions of the type of books you read matter?

Does reading for you stop with that book or do you need to talk to other people about it?

Do you/have you belong(ed) to any book clubs, face to face or virtual, Goodreads?

Of course feel free to add in your own questions to each other and chat away.

Don’t forget the #occhat in your posts, please help newcomers and remember your code of conduct.

(If my book event finishes early enough I will try and join you but please do chat away without us – we will still grab the chat and summarise on the blog as usual).



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