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#Occhat – Occupational Evaluation/Outcome Measures

Occupational Evaluation/Outcome Measures 

Date:   26/03/2013  Host: @Symbolic_Life

Blog Post –  Transcript –   Post Chat Summary

The final #occhat exploring occupation through the OT process will be hosted by Michelle Perryman @Symbolic_Life (with support from @kirstyes on the OTalk/Occhat account – @OTalk_Occhat).

Michelle wrote this to support the occhat.

Outcome Measures

In the current economic climate ‘payment by results’ is affecting commissioning in health and social care.

How is the OT profession managing this?

Do these measures take into account client need AND service provision?


  • Do we need outcome measures?
  • What is the importance of outcome measures?
  • What outcome measures are used? And why?
  • The underpinning theory of the outcome measures?
  • Does this benefit your service users and service?
  • Does your outcome have a recordable numerical measure?
  • How are your outcome measures audited?

(Additionally I would like to add the question – How do the outcome measures you use link to occupation? Do they measure performance, engagement, satisfaction or something else?)


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