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#OTalk – Using Pinterest to support OT practice – March 19th 2013

#OTalk – Using Pinterest to Support OT Practice

Date:  19/03/2013 Host: @billwongot

Blog Post  –  Transcript  –  Post Chat Summary

Tomorrow’s #OTalk will be hosted by Bill Wong @BillWongOT (supported by Helenotuk on the OTalk/Occhat account @OTalk_Occhat)

Bill wrote the following to introduce the topic:

According to Wikipedia, Pinterest is a social networking site that was launched 3 years ago.  However, it was not a well known medium to gather OT knowledge and treatment ideas until about a year or so ago.  That said, through promotion from other social media platforms (e.g. Twitter & Facebook), more and more OT students and professionals across the world use it to enhance their knowledge and/or gather treatment ideas.  This has also been the case for other disciplines.

Here is a blog post, written about a year ago, by @mamaot, one of my ex-classmates in my OT masters program at the University of Southern California.

This OTalk will have several objectives.

1. Introduce fellow participants to Pinterest and its features (for those who have not used it before).

2. Discuss strategies for professional use.

3. Analyze strengths and weaknesses of using Pinterest to support OT practice.

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