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#Occhat – Occupational Interventions (Tues Mar 12th 2013)

Occupational Interventions 

Date:   12/03/2013  Host: @Kirstyes

Blog Post  –  Transcript –   Post Chat Summary

Tomorrow’s chat is the third in our series exploring the use of occupation through the OT Process.

Time to move on from assessments and planning to Occupational Interventions.

Share with us occupational interventions you have used with clients (remember to maintain confidentiality).

Do you use occupations as ends or means? or both?

What principles are you working toward/what are you aiming to achieve – overcoming dysfunction, developing routine, increasing balance, limiting alienation, etc.??

How do you use frames of reference to support providing occupational interventions?

And a controversial question – does it matter if it is an OT ‘giving’ the intervention as long as it is occupational?

Come along and chat and debate – hope to see you there.


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