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#occhat – Occupational Goal Setting

Occupational Goal Setting

Date:  26/02/2013   Host: @Kirstyes

Blog Post  –  Transcript –  Post Chat Summary

This ‘Occupation through the OT Process’ series of #occhats started with a bang a few weeks back with a very busy chat focusing on Occupational Assessment – you can see the initial blog post here – and the summary of the event here.

This week’s focus is on Occupational Goal Setting and I’m wondering if we can perhaps consider some of the following questions (the discussion isn’t limited to this so as always add in your own questions as they come to mind during the chat):

A number of people appeared to use Occupational Therapy models to guide their Assessment Process but does this continue through to the goal setting stage?

Do people then, for example, identify which ‘construct’ of the model goals are directed at, e.g. for MOHO – volition or roles, for CMOP-E, the Person, Different aspects of the environment etc?

Do we always have to focus at the Occupation level or is it ok to address/set goals around performance components etc.?

How do we involve our clients in the goal setting process – whose goals are they anyway?

What challenges are there to being client-centred when goal setting?

Which methods of goal setting have people used and how effective do they find them, e.g. SMART, GAS, NLP, based on the COPM etc etc?

Are people comfortable with the distinction between goals and action plans?

There has been an interesting debate on the effectiveness of SMART goals in the MH4OT group on facebook that you may find useful to read at some point.

The other two talks in the series are on the dates below:
Mar 12th – Occupational Interventions
Mar 26th – Occupational Evaluation/Outcome Measures (Hosted with Michelle Perryman @Symbolic_Life)

Hope to see you on Twitter later – please check out the timezone converter to find out what time we’re chatting in your area.

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