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#Occhat – Occupational Assessment

Occupational Assessment 

Date:  21/09/2013   Host: @Kirstyes

Blog Post  –  Transcript

Hi everyone

Tonight’s chat is going to be the first in a series of #occhats looking at how we maintain a focus on occupation through the OT process. Something we always talk about in principle but I’d love to hear some examples of how this looks in different practice areas. I’m being a bit sneaky really as the first two chats relate to a unit I am running with my first years at the moment and the last running with the second years soon.

Jan 29th – Occupational Assessment
Feb 26th  – Occupational Goal Setting
Mar 12th – Occupational Interventions
Mar 26th – Occupational Evaluation/Outcome Measures.


This week we will focus on Assessment and perhaps some of the following questions:
Do you tend to take a top down or bottom up approach to assessment? Or contextual?
What occupational theory guides your assessment?
How do you assess occupational performance /engagement in your setting?
What other factors do you assess?
Share which methods you’ve found more effective and anything else that crops up.

Also based on a conversation today I wondered how do those of you working in more generic roles focus on occupation in assessment, especially if the assessment tool you use is also more generic?

Look forward to discussing this and more.


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