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#OTalk: OTs and apps- what’s useful in practice?

#OTalk – The use of apps in Occupational Therapy Practice

Date:  11/12/2012   Host: @claireOT

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l’m delighted that the next #OTalk is focused on the use of apps in OT practice. As we move further into a time of resource contraction and demographic changes, apps may be part of the solutions commissioned for our local populations.

Day 18: Most Used Apps
by Bonni-Brown on FlickR
used under Creative Commons Attribution Licence

I will admit that this is a pet topic of mine (as many of you who have heard me talk about it will testify!) and I wrote for Community Care about using apps in Social Care earlier this year. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about the topic!

Many OTs will have been fortunate to hear Delana Honaker’s excellent presentation about her own journey to develop an app to support OT practice at this years’ 24hour Virtual Exchange. The recorded workshop does not appear to be online, yet, anyone with a link to it please do share with the chat! Delana’s website holds more information about her app, and offers the chance to win an iPad mini by downloading it from the app store THIS WEEK (hint hint!)

This week’s choice of topic is very timely, as the NHS Commissioning Board has asked clinicians and patients to identify the apps that are useful in practice, or to support self-management, in order to create an app directory for health and social care. (Thanks for the link, OT HQ!)

The HANDIhealth app development network have already been feeding into this consultation, and are still seeking views of their members- it would be great to have more impact from OTs in the consultation as we are experts in adaptation of environments (including the digital environment) to support health and well-being. You can feed into the consultation by following the link on their website to a survey– it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

At a recent meeting with the local Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board members in Leeds, we identified a range of apps that could be useful to meet the needs of our populations- some of the apps we mentioned may be highlighted tonight during the chat. Some of our “top apps” were:

  • Casserole Club: is a great startup that links people in communities who prepare fresh meals with people who live nearby that would appreciate a homemade hot meal.
  • GoodGym: a great start-up that motivates runners to go out on a weekly run to see their “coach”- a socially isolated individual that lives nearby. The runner then helps with jobs that need doing like sweeping a path and bringing a pint of milk. Groups of runners can be recruited by community groups to work on projects local to them, such as clearing a canal, or litter picking.
  • HANDI Healthcare : app development and support. Soon to launch a directory of useful and recommended apps
  • Mindings: a great app that enables the connections of people on social media to be shared with friends and relatives who are not connected with social media. Also has elements of self-care, like being informed when a relative has put on their kettle, i.e. is up and about.
  • My Care Tracker : an app that helps with care scheduling for people with personal budgets who act as employers and managers of their own care teams. Also provides webinar training to organisations and individuals.
  • Rally Round: an application that enables people to share the tasks that need doing with family and friends to enable faster integration of health and social care.

Are there apps we’ve missed that you’re already using?

Maybe a service user or patient has alerted you to a way they are using apps in self-management?

Do you distrust the use of apps because of Information Governance or Confidentiality?

How do we know that apps are offering clinically appropriate advice?

How can we support each other in developing apps?

Join us at 8pm (GMT) using the #OTalk hashtag on Tuesday December 11th to explore these issues- see you there!

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