Tonight’s #Occhat is about how equipment can help us to live the life we want to. Claire has set out some initial thoughts on her blog, reposted here. Do join us on Twitter tonight between 8pm and 9pm to discuss the topic- what do you think equipment helps you to do? What things would you never use a piece of equipment for? Do you think issung equipment is an OT role, or are you happy to share this aspect of practice with trained TIs or even physios? Add #occhat to your Tweets so we can read them- see you there!

Claireot's Blog

I’m in the hotseat for the #occhat Twitter discussion tonight- and it’s been a while since I was able to facilitate, so I am looking forward to it and feeling anxious about it in equal measure!

Why are we looking at equipment?

One of our core skills as OTs is the prescription of environmental adaptations including adaptive equipment, so of course, we’re always interested in gadgets and things to make life easier.

As a disabled woman, I’m very grateful for some of the equipment that has become part of my everyday life, like my mobility scooter, or my bed stick. But equipment is much broader than just the stuff you can get through your local equipment store.

I consider my eye-Pad to be one of the best bits of adaptive equipment I have. It’s a multi-functional entertainment system, so if I’m ill, I can watch TV in bed, or catch up…

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