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#Occhat: Restorative Occupations Summary 31 July 2012

 #occhat: Restorative Occupations 

Date: 31/07/2012  Host: @geekyOT

Blog Post  –  Transcript  –  Post Chat Summary

“To be true connoisseurs of occupation, in our own lives and in the lives of our patients, we must look at the full 24-hour round of activities in which humans engage. As Occupational Therapists, we must understand not only where energy is spent, but also how it is created.” (Pierce, 2003, p. 98)

For the full chat transcript and list of participants, please see the GrabChat.


  • What is Restoration?
  • Restorative Occupations:
    • Eating/Drinking
    • Mindfulness/Relaxation
    • Movies/TV
    • Music
    • Nature
    • Organising
    • Pet-Related
    • Photography
    • Physical Activity (incl. Walking, Gentle Activity, Exercise, Dance, Yoga)
    • Shopping
    • Sleep
    • Writing/Reading/Blogging
  • Occupational (Im)Balance

What is Restoration?

@clissa89 @DebbiiHarrison restorative occupations are those that give energy. e.g. eating/drinking, self care, quiet focus activities #occhat
@clissa89 @DebbiiHarrison for me, how restorative an occupation is depends on how much i’m focusing my attention on the experience #occhat
@kirstyes @clissa89 @debbiiharrison Are you using the Doris Pierce def Clarissa or another? #occhat
@gilliancrossley @clissa89 @kirstyes @helen_otuk @mommagilly #occhat do restorative occupations have to have any other purpose or is just restoration enough?
@Symbolic_Life #occhat I think restorative occupations also promote mindfulness because its something you take time for you?
@kirstyes @gilliancrossley @clissa89 @helen_otuk @mommagilly I think rest should be enough but in our soc we often feel need to be prod #occhat
@gilliancrossley @kirstyes @clissa89 @helen_otuk @mommagilly my occupation all cross boundaries… I think sleep is the only one purely restorative #occhat
@Symbolic_Life #occhat PIERCE…. Therapeutic wheel Of Power will hook all up.. She is all about time life balance and recognition.#makeithappen


Restorative Occupations


@kirstyes One restorative activity rather than occ I’m rubbish at is drinking enough. Let my tea go cold earlier. #occhat
@Lisa_D_OT Have a good #occhat , I’m going to concentrate on the doing of restorative occupations – off out for a meal  see you next week
@Helen_otuk So true! RT @LeonoraOT : Yes, being hungry can impact my mood as well.#occhat


@pd2ot @Symbolic_Life @clissa89 #occhat Me too. Mindfulness exercises are a key restorative occupation for me
@DebbiiHarrison @Helen_otuk I think that gentle activity is more relaxing than relaxation exercises which just wind me up #occhat
@allisulli @kirstyes @pd2ot 1 thing that helped me with sleep is breathing in & out through the left nostril w 4-count inhale/exhale. Refocuses #occhat
@clissa89 #occhat RT @HandyOTJO : @clissa89 Relaxation. Using an app on my phone when I go to bed each night works really well.


@kirstyes @gilliancrossley @clissa89 @helen_otuk @mommagilly Actually watching cheesy films I’ve seen lots of times before works for me #occhat
@kirstyes @pd2ot @clissa89 I’m terrible at that. It’s why I loved my cinema double feature. I was present in that occupation. #occhat
@DebbiiHarrison @clissa89 watching the Olympics has been restorative seeing such joy for the sports people achieving their dreams #occhat


@mommagilly @clissa89 listening and singing along to Jason Mraz..:o) #occhat
@BillWongOT @allisulli @Helen_otuk For me, my definition will be able to come home and play a piece or two on the piano. #occhat


@clissa89 Been having stressful day today, so took a few minutes out to go into garden and look at/smell some lovely red flowers #occhat
@clissa89 #occhat MT @DebbiiHarrison : @gilliancrossley @clissa89 I’m getting it now – good stuff especially enjoying nature, trees, flowers, mountains
@Symbolic_Life #Occhat Restoration!!!! ❤ lake district #UK http://t.co/SdrMBytt
@allisulli I love gardening, sitting in my garden, photographing my flowers, and sharing the photos on SM. I dream about it all winter long #occhat
@jfaias @clissa89 : What’s the most restorative occupation you’ve engaged in today?#occhat ? having a beer by the beach


@kirstyes Anyone else find organising/spring cleaning restorative. I’m hoping to find the energy to do some during my time off #occhat
@Helen_otuk @kirstyes organising can be… clean no! #occhat
@pd2ot @kirstyes #occhat Often organising/cleaning leads onto good productive uni work, once my environment is sorted!
@gilliancrossley @clissa89 @kirstyes #occhat I feel organizing is restorative! I felt great after doing a to do list this morning!


@Helen_otuk Have to agree, my dog walks are great… in the woods, on the beach… even just at the local field. Love it! #occhat
@allisulli @Helen_otuk I find it especially restorative if I can take the dog for a walk in the middle of the work day. Just enjoy it so #occhat
@clissa89 @allisulli just realised, probably the most restorative part of my day is cuddles with the kitten when i wake up #occhat


@Symbolic_Life #occhat I also use photography because looking through a lens allows you to appreciate the beauty you are capturing..! #creativity #mindful

Physical Activity (Walking/Gentle Activity/Exercise/Dance):

@clissa89 #occhat MT @mommagilly : I like walking but have not had the energy or opportunity lately.on placement in the week and pooped at the weekend
@DebbiiHarrison @Helen_otuk I think that gentle activity is more relaxing than relaxation exercises which just wind me up #occhat
@Symbolic_Life #Occhat remember exercise has been outlined as restorative.. more energy… Higher enophins realised… Feel good hormone…  .
@pd2ot @clissa89 #occhat Salsa is often my daily dose!
@allisulli @pd2ot @clissa89 @gilliancrossley #bikram yoga has been the most restorative for me. Very physical practice, hot room. No mantra. #occhat


@gilliancrossley #occhat shopping…………….. nuf said
@kirstyes @gilliancrossley but not shopping for clothes. I find that irritating. I need to take a top back actually. #occhat
@clissa89 @kirstyes that reminds me, wandering around old bookshop at my leisure… very restorative…love the smell of old books #occhat


@OT_Expert @clissa89 @pd2ot #occhat i agree. there are many things I tell myself are more important than sleep,but it’s not true! Sleep is SO important
@gilliancrossley @kirstyes @clissa89 @helen_otuk @mommagilly my occupation all cross boundaries… I think sleep is the only one purely restorative #occhat
@Symbolic_Life #occhat without me time and sleeping it may promote fatigue resulting in loss of efficiency? Social expectation may effect this! #CFS ?
@OT_Expert @pd2ot @clissa89 @kirstyes #occhat It’s awful having disrupted sleep. I always think one can cope with almost anything if get enough sleep
@clissa89 @OT_Expert @kirstyes @pd2ot not having enough sleep makes me more vulnerable to emotions & slows cognition too #occhat
@TheSoapDragon #OTalk / #Occhat yes sleep can be restorative but work so stressful find I am “sleepworking” trying to solve work probs in dreams!!


@Trio33 Have a great #occhat tonight. Taking son’s friend home so can’t chat. I’ve a few restorative activities..writing being best as so versatile
@DrieCulturen @clissa89 You know what gives you lots of energy is being #creative in what ever you do. I enjoy writing & teaching: gives me enery #occhat
@DebbiiHarrison @clissa89 @kirstyes oh yes I love bookshops libraries and reading a great book – all restorative #occhat
@gilliancrossley @TheSoapDragon #occhat i do this I find writing everything down helps otherwise I go to bed worrying that I will forget!
@pd2ot Often using my brain is restorative, hence how blogging can energise me #occhat

Our Own Occupational (Im)balance (and Guilt Over “Me” Time?)

@clissa89 @kirstyes teehee. it’s probably a bit ironic me doing the restorative chat… still not well myself because im Not Resting! #occhat
@OTalk_Occhat Tonight’s #occhat is now on restoration occupations. Sounds like lots of us need the reminder ;0) creative reflection will now be in two wks
@pd2ot @clissa89 yes, I am sensing a theme. I predict tonight’s #occhat will be useful for many of us, though not sure I have time to attend!
@clissa89 @pd2ot @kirstyes Clouston presentation from #OSPlym11 re occupational imbalance in #OTs http://t.co/ct6HSor2 #occhat
@gilliancrossley @clissa89 @kirstyes @Helen_otuk @mommagilly I’m engaged in a restorative#occhat in bed, pot of tea and a movie in the background! bliss
@kirstyes @gilliancrossley @clissa89 @helen_otuk @mommagilly I know lots of my friends who are mums feel guilty for taking ‘me’ time. #occhat
@clissa89 @kirstyes @gilliancrossley @helen_otuk @mommagilly if we need rest – physiologically, mentally – why do we feel guilty doing it? #occhat
@Helen_otuk I do not feel guilty if I have me time, but often have competing demands. #occhat
@gilliancrossley @kirstyes @clissa89 @helen_otuk @mommagilly #occhat me time is weird for me and is usually combined with something else…
@pd2ot @clissa89 @kirstyes @gilliancrossley @helen_otuk @mommagilly #occhat Guilt over ‘me time’ is often v challending for many with BPD
@clissa89 #occhat RT @mommagilly : @kirstyes @gilliancrossley @helen_otuk I can’t really say I make the most of ‘me time’ it seems to get wasted. :/
@clissa89 #occhat MT @mommagilly : @kirstyes @gilliancrossley think just because there are so many things that need attention… maybe this is inbuilt
@gilliancrossley @clissa8 @kirstyes #occhat the ability to engage in restorative occupations must be linked to lifestyle, personality, norms etc
@kirstyes @clissa89 : @kirstyes does constantly being connected via technology risk reducing our restoration? #occhat ? Yes I think it prob does
@clissa89 @Symbolic_Life thing is, i know this theory inside and out. but i’m still not very good at doing it in my own life! #occhat #makeithappen

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