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#OTalk 24/04/12 – Seven day working in Occupational Therapy Practice

#OTalk – 7 Day Working

Date:  17/04/2012  Host: @lottie01

Blog Post –  Transcript

#OTalk 24/04/12 – Seven day working in Occupational Therapy Practice  

Facilitator and summary author: @lottie01

Participants: @lisa_d_ot @allisulli  @claireOT @kirstyes @gilliancrossley @billwongOT @fullyoccupied @lauraanstess @31katie07 @Linda_Goddard  @TherapyInPraxis

Recently there has been an increasing discussion regarding changing practices within the NHS for a variety of reasons. One such change beginning to emerge is that of seven-day working for services including that of therapies. There has been an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that a lack of service coverage within the NHS can result in delays and a less favourable outcome for our patients. A recent document produced by NHS improvement (linked below) highlighted that by therapy services introducing seven-day working practices, patients had a reduced length of stay; enhanced recovery and a continuity of care.

I (Lottie01) chose seven-day working as a topic, in part due to the above but more over because it is a topic that I am passionate about and one which is essential to consider if we view our core beliefs as occupational therapists. Below is the summary of this #OTalk.

Reason for selecting seven day working as the topic.

  • @kirstyes  I feel passionate about 7-day working for a few reasons, firstly being that occupations are not restricted to 5/days a week #OTalk

and also from a physical practice POV if people can be discharged at weekends what reason should we not be working #OTalk

  • I think in view of the discharge aspect – it would reduce delays #OTalk


Our experiences of seven day working and the practicalities of implementation

  • I haven’t but it was only just coming in when I moved to the uni. I often/sometimes work 7 days in academia ;0) #Otalk
  • @Lisa_D_OT @lottie01 I think we should reiterate that 7 day working doesn’t mean you don’t actually get a day off ;0) #Otalk
  • @kirstyes Lol, working 7 days a week would be a bit too much dedication! No occupational balance there 🙂 #otalk
  • My current work doesn’t have 7-day OT but in 2 placements one offered a 7-day service in A&E only and the other extended this to AAU #Otalk
  • No experience of 7 day working on my placements so far but have done this in other healthcare jobs #Otalk
  • @Lisa_D_OT Have you had any experience of non Mon-Fri 9-5 placements?
  • @kirstyes Yes, on one of my placements in A&E I did 8am-8.30pm shifts. Incredibly tiring! #Otalk
  • @Lisa_D_OT Crikey 8-8.30 is a long shift. What breaks did you get #Otalk not sure no of hours is necessary. Need to look at approp[riate] staffing
  • @kirstyes two 30 minute breaks. My educator was the only OT in a team of nurses, so she did those hours to fit with nursing shifts #otalk
  • I think working all those hours would be excessive, and I don’t see the need to tie your hours with nursing staff 2/2 #OTalk
  • … feel there would be benefit on flexi working hours for Ots (mostly as I find myself needed longer on certain days than others) to meet client need #Otalk
  • @lottie01 Flexi time important. Prevents us always having to clock watch. But obv many OTs have family commitments that need managing #OTalk
  • Personally I think as nice as it may be to work mon to fri, 7 day services are inevitable #OTalk
  • @lauraanstess Agree think there is a need to recognise all H&SC professions are tiring and needs to be balance for staff as well. #OTalk
  • @lauraanstess: However I also think that it’s benefits are dependant on the type of service #OTalk” Can you expand/give example.
  • i agree but can see the probs such as the practical elements of how it would work, would we be on-call & cover acute wards (physical) or work 5 days across 7 and choose to take 2/7 off a week. #OTalk
  • @allisulli i can see where the issues would be in terms of its quite nice to work mon-fri 9-5 with w/end off @OTalk_Occhat @claireOT #OTalk
  • I can see the drawbacks in 7-day working and it may not be suitable for all environments but I feel the benefits outway the cons #OTalk


The benefits and drawbacks of seven day working.

  • My sis works in LD as an OT. She would often do early or late bathing assessments to fit in with routine #OTalk
  • Agree that OTs should work to fit in with client’s needs – if 7 day working is required staff should be prepared to do it
  •  I would have thought flexi-working would aid this as in my view they could leave a bit earlier/later is need be #OTalk
  • I believe that it fits in with client-centered care at the heart of #occupationaltherapy practice #OTalk
  • @allisulli Agree with that. But do you think clients might want weekend off therapy ;0! #OTalk
  • @lottie01 @lisa_d_ot I think main reason is that occupations don’t stop. It’s how we structure whole days. #OTalk
  • Do you think we could use driver for 7 day working to be even more occupation focussed and deal more with leisure occs? #OTalk
  • Or would that still not be seen as important in some care contexts? just about speedier discharge from hosp and service? #OTalk
  • @kirstyes It would give more time – especially in long-term environments but it may mean that more people have their needs addressed #OTalk
  • @lottie01 @kirstyes @lisa_d_ot short length of stay would make 7 day working even more crucial for habituation of new routines #OTalk
  • @kirstyes @lottie01 improved outcomes for adults with #developmentaldisabilities for 7 day working for sure #OTalk
  • @kirstyes and in the scheme of things – from a philosophical view: promote independence and from budget point: reduce long-term costs #OTalk
  • @lottie01 @kirstyes also important re #mentalhealth self-determination, right to choose when to participate in #occupationaltherapy #OTalk
  • @allisulli @kirstyes and its important to be aware that mental health and physical health despite seperate settings are intertwined #OTalk
  • @HandyOTJO said reduced length of stay would be driver in acute services #OTalk
  • @allisulli @lottie01 More freedom & op to choose priorities would be good. Would work well with CMOP-E and COPM. Shift service focus #OTalk
  • @Lisa_D_OT @lottie01 there is a balance, though. We got to take care of our needs to some extent. We aren’t machines. #OTalk
  •  …think that can cut into our meaningful occupations on weekends- such as church. #OTalk
  • @kirstyes @lottie01 in US we have per diem, which is sort of like flex hours in a sense. #OTalk
  • RT @kirstyes: @Lisa_D_OT Good point we shouldn’t expect clients to always have to work to our uncompromising schedule/cancel things #OTalk


Environments and settings best suited to seven day working

  • @lottie01 School based OT ;0) #OTalk Unless they did ‘homework at the weekends
  • In the MH setting I work in I feel 5day week is best. It’s a typical working week and provides routine and normality. #OTalk
  • Acute care, rehab, mental health could be great for 7 day work weeks. #OTalk
  • … school based is one that stands out that is not. Kids may not want more school. #OTalk
  • Wow @xJessicaKate18x says we should all be doing 7 day weeks. You are 16% more likely to die if admitted on a Sunday #OTalk


Useful Linked Resource:

Full Transcript Available At: http://hashtags.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtag-transcript.php?hashtag=OTalk&fdate=04-17-2012&shour=0&smin=0&tdate=04-18-2012&thour=0&tmin=0&ssec=00&tsec=00&img=1

2 thoughts on “#OTalk 24/04/12 – Seven day working in Occupational Therapy Practice”

  1. Hi Lottie, my name is Albana and I am an OT student currently doing a research proposal on this topic. I was wondering if you knew of any research/literature in relation to 7 day working as I have found that literature is very limited. My brunel email account 0905458@my.brunel.ac.uk. That would be very helpful of you. Thank you.


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