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#Occhat Summary – 14th February 2012 – OT in Non-Traditional Settings

#occhat – OT in Non-Traditional Settings

Date: 14/02/2012  Host: @geekyOT

 Transcript  –  Post Chat Summary

OT in non-traditional settings

Summary kindly provided by @AllieHafez. For full transcript, please see here:



The main themes that emerged from the chat about non-traditional/emerging OT roles were the following:

  • Practitioner needs to feel secure in OT identity to promote and/or obtain recognition of value OT brings to the services and/or team, even if/when the job title doesn’t include or refer to “OT”
  • Success in non-traditional/emerging roles and/or practice seems to need entrepreneurial skills
  • Although constant explanations of what OT is and/or brings to the service(s) can get frustrating, having to explain it in a non-traditional context can help the OT fine-tune his/her understanding of foundational OT concepts and principles, as well as improve the OT’s skills in providing concise and relevant responses.
  • Sometimes the OT’s outcomes can “speak for themselves” in distinguishing the OT-originating service from the same service provided by non-OTs. Such occasions provide opportunities to promote and/or advocate for OT in that specific setting, as well as in general.

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