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Global Day of Service #OTalk 25/02/12

#OTalk – Extra session for Global Day of Service – How OT students can use social media for professional development and to promote OT

Date:  25/02/2012  Host: @SandraGreen76, @GillyGorry & @KMOT2012

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Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service

The Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service on 25th February 2012 was celebrated by OT Students based at Salford University- bravo to them for such a successful event. This post uploaded by @ClaireOT, Summary by @GillianCrossley.

For the full archive, please see http://otalkocchats.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/archive-otalk-global-day-of-service-250212/

The talk was tagged with #OTGDS and #OTalk hashtags.

Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service.

Hosted by Salford Occupational Therapy students; Gillian Crossley, Sandra Green and Kerry Murphy.

How can OTs use social media for professional development and to promote OT?

Participants; @gilliancrossley, @BillWongOT, @Lottie01, @Kirstyes, @SandraGreen76, @Cathsteele, @KMOT2012, @palomap3, @Jfaias,


Anonymity was a topic raised by several participants and seems to have both positives and negatives associated. Some feel the anonymity makes them feel more confident in asking questions and others feel not having anonymity helps them develop thinking and consider their reasoning more. Anonymity can also lead to people saying things they wouldn’t normally or unprofessional behaviour and their was some discussion about this.

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“Anonymity is not always good. I find people say things they wouldn’t normally. I find being public has improve my confidence”

“I sometimes feel challenged and get into debates publicly, but this helps develop my thoughts”

“I have made many mistakes!! But as long as you learn from them you can develop. It’s being reflective that matters”

“I like reflecting in public, I always find other people add a new perspective.”

Bill Wong ‏ @BillWongOT

“That’s why I prefer to friend an instructor after I’m done w/ his/her class (under old FB settings)”

“I will NOT allow my clients have access on my FB account, period”

Lottie ‏ @lottie01

“for me virtual outlets enable me to ask questions and be more involved than i would because there is a level of anonymity”

“i think so, its less so now as my confidence has grown but it takes the embarrasment away from asking seemingly silly Qs”

“I think the public setting (for me anyway) makes me think more about what i say and reasoning”

“I wouldn’t say the anonymity has improved my confidence itself, but gives me a push to ask Qs I wouldn’t normally”

Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“I won’t friend current students (for their whole 3 yrs) on Facebook. But twitter is public so might then”

“great to see difference and debate. Helps highlight greyness”

Sandra Green ‏ @SandraGreen76

“the anonymity can give people confidence”

Professional development

Discussion around CPD, included; speaking with experienced professionals and experts in their fields, Immediate feedback, developing clinical reasoning skills through discussions. The social media environment was also discussed as a safe place to push your comfort zones. Some negatives included; being demanding and some people expecting answers without doing any research themselves.

Also some discussion around using social media as online conferences such as OT4OT.

Lottie ‏ @lottie01

“I like having instant feedback you know if I’m heading down the right lines but then constructive to tweak”

“I fink the key msg in using SM is be aware u can b misconstrued but b mindful of ur comments & there is a gr8 opportunity to develop”

“yes i do because discussion causes you to reason your comments thereby developing reasoning skills”

Sandra Green ‏ @SandraGreen76

“It’s interesting to get others points of views”

“I keep my status’s very friendly, it’s the best way!”

Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“pushes you out of comfort zone in ‘safe’ environment”

“Good point. Sometimes some of the Qs from students on Facebook groups make me not want to answer”

“2 because the way it is phrased it looks like they’ve done none of their own research first”

“How do you find the right ones when new to it though”

KerryOT2012 ‏ @KMOT2012

“I think the hard part of blogging is lack of response to posts and trying to generate interest”

“I often think a lot before I write something and the moment passes quickly on here :”
“also do you post to twitter and/or facebook. Often I get more comments there than on blog post itself”

Catherine Steele ‏ @cathsteele

“it’s def instant, no matter what’s happened – could be an online conference or breaking news, if you follow the right 1s”!

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“I agree I feel more competent at articulating and reasoning since using social media for professional development”

“Yes like they just want you to tell them! I enjoy discussion but I always read up first!”

“yes I get more feedback on my blog that way too!”

“would you like more access to things like this? Is it like attending a conference online?”

“I find getting to know the person in some way first is best. I don’t like just asking for stuff!”

“I find the immediacy very helpful and lots of diff points of view helps my thinking develop”


Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“Yes. Loved it. Was hard to pick what not to go to”

Lottie ‏ @lottie01

“I attended a couple of OT4OT talks and they helped enhance my understanding and were very useful “

“OT4OT more info here ot4ot.com and it is useful as it is an accessible opportunity”

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“I particular love the therapeutic use of humour lecture and implemented in practice”

Preferred types of social media, and how its used for promoting OT

Discussion around what types of social media people used and how it was used. Twitter seemed to be popular because of the immediacy, it was seen as a useful place to share links. Also some discussion about Pinterest and how this can be used by occupational therapists.

Paloma Peña Perez ‏ @palomap3

Twitter “You can promote interesting links”

Joaquim Faias ‏ @jfaias

“Twitter seems quicker, actual and reaches far more people”

“I have to explore the Pinterest.”

KerryOT2012 ‏ @KMOT2012

“I have only recently been introduced to pinterest”

“it is very visual something which attracted me to use it”

“I like the openness of twitter, and people respond and share because they want to not because asked”

Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“I’m not convinced it gets same level of engagement. And don’t have wider network there.” (Twitter)

Sandra Green ‏ @SandraGreen76

“mine is definitely facebook, you get to know the person “

Bill Wong ‏ @BillWongOT

“I prefer FB”

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“I am new to pinterest but I see many OT boards that are open with exciting ideas. Great way to promote OT”

“I find Twitter is great place for promoting links”

“ I like the openness of twitter, and people respond and share because they want to not because asked”

“I find the same, it generates ideas. Which I think can lead to more up to date an innovative practice”

“I prefer FB for that but also starting to like Twitter! Although I feel I need to be more professional here”

“do you feel by pinning related topics that you are promoting OT? as non OTs might see it”

Lottie ‏ @lottie01

“Twitter is my main SM outlet and I tend to keep #fb personal but I am still involved with the groups on #fb “


Some discussion around social media use in Education.

Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“there is an e-mail subscription option for discussion boards BB but lecturers have to set”

“I always set so I get an e-mail when st posted Q and so I don’t have to go there to keep checking”
“we will be working on dec guidelines for SM use with students”

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“In the USA, FB is used a lot for teaching blog.reyjunco.com”

“we use BB never tried Moodle. I find BB restrictive because I don’t get notifications or update quickly”

“I think this is why social media use should be taught. I am lucky to have guidance.”

Bill Wong ‏ @BillWongOT

“Not in my OT school”

“Blackboard is used in the states a lot”

Joaquim Faias ‏ @jfaias

“yes BB and Moodle are basically learning environments. FB, here in Portugal is not used for that.”

“With students, i prefer Moodle or Blackboard”

Are there any negatives associated with the use of social media?

Discussion about negatives, included; Anonymity, not knowing true intentions and confidentiality.

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“Sometimes it is hard! I have had some bad experiences. not everyone follows the rules of netiquette”

“The good def out ways the bad! Its just that the bad is so public, it can be hard not to be upset by it”

“Things can be “misunderstood without tone or context. It is something for consideration”

“Both! I have had many messages were people feel they can say what they think of me! I like the block option!”

Bill Wong ‏ @BillWongOT

“ Sometimes you really don’t know someone’s intentions of having a page, so it’s not a one-size-fit-all hat”

“this is where anonymity can fail you!”

Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“We’re the bad experiences with other students or professionals or family/friends? “

“I think/hope this happens more frequently than negative stuff “

Lottie ‏ @lottie01

“In terms of downsides there are the risks associated with confidentiality as per the nature of our work and we can’t be 100% “

Professional online behaviour

Discussion around professional behaviour, being careful not to denigrate the profession and to be mindful of your code of ethics.

Bill Wong ‏ @BillWongOT

“Hence, there’s a gray area as well- in what “unprofessional behavior” to report, and what to let go”.

“As 1 of my friends in the states say, “Venting can keep us sane in OT sometimes.”

“As an educator, I wonder what would u feel if u hear some bad press about ur course on FB or other SM”

Kirsty Stanley ‏ @kirstyes

“But you could use the private messaging or closed/secret group systems maybe rather than posting on wall.”

“depends on what is said probably and how public that is”

Sandra Green ‏ @SandraGreen76

“Just have to make sure that the venting is done in the correct way”

Lottie ‏ @lottie01

“oh no definitely not, it relates to the who scenario of be careful what you say employers can look you up”

“yes agreed in part (well entirely with the code of conduct/ethics) but criticism can generate positives through discussion”

“I think we have to remember when using social media there is no intonation in written language so you must be aware of what you say”

OT student Gill ‏ @gilliancrossley

“yes and I think people have different definitions of what is professional behaviour!”

“ I just stay clear of saying anything bad! I am always mindful of potential employers or clients reading”

“yes especially on Twitter and its could even be clients who look you up on here!”

“yes I agree if the criticism is constructive. I don’t think a student updating how much they hate there uni is good though!”

“I think this is where people have to be careful not to denigrate OT in any way and consider your code of ethics”

“we have to be careful not to denigrate the profession! especially when the audience is so public!”

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