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#OTalk Tuesday 10th January 2012 Occupational Therapy and Groupwork

#OTalk – Group Work in MDT settings

Date:  10/01/2012  Host: @claireOT

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#OTalk summary Tuesday 10th January 2012 – Occupational Therapy and group work

This evening’s #OTalk covered the use of groups as an occupational therapy intervention and was contributed to by people with a mixture of practice experience and backgrounds. OTs from social care, learning disabilities, mental health, students and researchers shared their experiences of group work in a lively and thought provoking discussion. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The following summary is an interpretation of the discussion, those wishing to view a full transcript can do so here.

  • Types of groups
There was a wide variety of groups discussed, with lots of examples of the creative use of activity such as:

Examples of a spirituality group

Examples of a music group

Gardening groups

Recovery/human rights groups

  • Group work skills

Part of the discussion focused on specific OT aspects to running groups. This included assessment skills, adaptation of group processes, and the need to be aware of the limits of group work,

(Lim, K.H., Morris, J. and Craik, C. (2007) Inpatients’ perspectives of occupational therapy in acute mental health Australian Occupational Therapy Journal (2007) 54, 22–32)

One interesting point, which wasn’t picked up, but could form part of a future discussion, is the difference between OTs running a group compared with professions which focus on a specific activity, in this case music therapy,

Perhaps, as someone else noted, the focus of OT groups is on the group dynamics, and the activity to achieve this is incidental?

Methods for maintaining participant interest was raised during the discussion on group work skills, participants made the following suggestions,

  • Group work with other professions

One issue highlighted was the occasional lack of understanding of the purpose of OT run groups,

Sharing information with groups was seen as a way of overcoming the lack of understanding,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the chat, particularly those who spoke up for the first time- please come back and join us another time!

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