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#OTalk re: Tweetchat 8th November 2011

Apologies that the blog from this week’s OTalk chat has taken until now to upload.

This week, we talked about the use of Social Media tools in our Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and the transcript can be found here.

We discovered that the OTs who participated in the Tweetchat were already using Social Media to grow as professionals, as well as in their personal lives.

They were using these Social Network Sites (SNS) for CPD.

One of the first issues to arise was the question of whether or not to seperate personal and professional Social Media activity.

Opinion was divided about the issue.

Some felt it was simply too much effort to maintain two accounts:

or that it would be dull if people followed two accounts:

Others were concerned that using SNS was risky and might not be approved of by potential employers:

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to regulate their Social Media Use in line with our employers policies, our professional Code of Ethics and HPC standards for registration.

Many people discussed the idea that in Occupational Therapy we aim to be congruent, internalising the professional values and core skills of our training and expressing them everyday through our personalities:

We also discussed how using Social Media tools enabled us to feel a sense of belonging to a wider OT community of practice

We concluded by asking what ways we could evidence our use of Social Media for use in our CPD folders. Some people were aware of the need to capture their activity in hard copy, and felt that this wasn’t always easy with Social Media:

Others were looking at developing e-portfolios and blogs to record key moments in their Social Media activity for CPD:

We were reassured to hear that it was possible to attribute the statements made by others as part of our CPD, and got plenty of new ideas about tools to try out, or new ways to capture our activity.

So, thanks to everyone who participated in the chat. This is just a summary of the talk, don’t forget to check the transcript to see the entire conversation.

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