15th May 2018 – Working work into the OT pathway.

On the 15th of May 2018 @RCOT_work  will be holding their first ever #OTalk, an online Twitter conversation about all things related to work, we’ve called it “Working work into the OT Pathway”. It offers an opportunity to engage with a range of professionals and twitter users to gather their opinions around a range of topics.

 We’ll centre the talk about these questions:

  1. What does work as an outcome mean within the OT journey? 
  2. Have you used work as a goal within your practice, and if so in which setting do you work in?
  3. What would be helpful for you to incorporate work (as an outcome) into your client/patient journey?
  4. Are there particular research questions that would help you frame your practice?
  5. Final thoughts, any additional resources you would like to share.

Otalk takes place on Twitter between 8 pm and 9 pm every Tuesday night, so if you want to have a look at it before the 15th feel free. 

Post Chat

Online Transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript May 15th 2018

The Numbers

511.333K Impressions
214 Tweets
34 Participants
171 Avg Tweets/Hour
Avg Tweets/Participant

#OTalk Participants